The Ultimate Garden Shed Buying Guide

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Any homeowner can tell you that a home quickly becomes quickly cluttered with vast amounts of "stuff" - half the time you don't realise how much "stuff" you actually you have or where it's come from. You may not know it, but clutter in the home can have a serious effect on your mental wellbeing.

OK - We might be focusing on the extremes, but a garden shed is a great way of reducing clutter from the home - especially garden clutter such as lawnmowers, gardening tools and garden furniture. has created this free ultimate garden sheds buyers guide to help you on your quest to finding the perfect shed for your home.

Tip 1What size garden shed should you have?

A general rule of thumb that doesn't really seem to fail = buy as big as you can afford. If you're looking for a cheap shed for sale that's going to fit in 10 bikes, 2 lawnmowers and your entire garden furniture set with room to spare, you may be pushing your luck.

Start by measuring your allocated shed space - anything from 2 metres square is a good starting block. This size will be able to store a small selection of garden tools and toys with a lawnmower at a push. If you can fit in something along the lines of 3 metres by 2 metres you can expect to store bikes, tools, toys and the lawnmower with space left over.

Top Tip - Install your own set of shelves inside the garden sheds to maximise storage space for things like paint cans and paint brushes - they get everywhere otherwise!

Garden Sheds
Tip 2What style of roof do you want on your cheap garden shed?

If you're limiting yourself to cheap garden sheds then design may not play too much importance at this point, but deciding on the style of shed is the natural next step. If you plan to store large tall garden furniture such as patio heaters then you'll want something with a pitched roof - also known as an Apex roof.

The alternative to this is the Pent garden shed, designed with a single sloped side that can be built against a fence or adjacent wall. Once you've decided on the roof design, you'll need to think about where the entrance will be. Try to have the entrance along the longer sides if you regularly plan to take bikes and mowers in & out.

Top Tip - Wider doors are handy for wheeling heavy items in and out - big doors are always best.

Tip 3Garden sheds are made from different materials - Which is best for you?

When shopping for cheap sheds for sale you'll find yourself in a position where material choice will determine the expected lifespan of your garden shed. Of course if you're planning to find the cheapest shed on the market for your needs, don't expect it to stand the test of time. Most cheap sheds for sale are made from cheap recycled wood bi-products which is cut to shape before being treated with various products to help them last.

More often than not, these products really don't work and before you know it your garden shed will begin warping and cracking all over the place. If you want to garden shed to last a little longer, look for one made from tongue & groove cladding.

This is designed to keep the structural shape for longer, whilst doing a better job at keeping the elements out. We know you're only looking at cheap sheds for sale, but if you feel like going all out - look for a shed made from Cedar cladding. These "ultimate" garden sheds require no maintenance and are expected to last around 30 years!

Top Tip - Keep the "feet" or floor panels as dry as possible. This will ensure that the garden shed stays standing for longer.

For a quick material comparison, check out the following garden shed material comparison table below - Those cheap sheds for sale at your local DIY store aren't all rubbish!

Garden Sheds Checklist
Plastic Garden ShedsMetal Garden ShedsTimber Garden Sheds
Pros: No maintenance, Moved and assembled easily, lightweight, large opening.

Cons: Not friendly to the environment, quite the eyesore, limited styles and sizes.
Pros: Quick assembly, high customization, secure and lockable

Cons: Condensation, noisy and cold, potential rust problems, can be expensive;
Pros: Environmentally friendly, many shapes and sizes, custom sizing possible

Cons: High maintenance, cheap sheds for sale can be flimsy, difficult to move
Tip 4A solid base is the key to a happy shed

By building your shed onto a solid purpose build base, you will be providing the structure with a fighting chance against water retention and rot. As soon as rot settles it, your garden shed will quickly become unstable - even unsafe. Be sure to take time preparing a solid base for your new shed - you may end up paying for it in the long run.

The most commonly used shed base material is concrete or slabs. A mixture of 1 part cement and 8 parts building sand creates a solid mixture that will remain moisture tight for the lifetime of the garden shed. Be sure to remove any top soil to a depth of around 3 inches before laying any concrete mixture.

Avoid placing your shed on any moveable surfaces that could shift due to weather changes, such as a turfed lined or plain top soil. Movement over time in the ground will cause our shed structure to change drastically, causing irreversible damage. Try not to be tempted into buying the first cheap shed for sale - do your research and prepare your garden sheds space properly for the maximum long term benefits.

Top Tip - Lay out your shed base panel before pouring any concrete mixture. You'll want to sure your shed sits nicely onto your base before any foundations dry.

Plastic Sheds
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