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Once you've decided the size of the garden shed you will be building, you'll need to decide whether you will handle the installation yourself or hire some experts to complete the shed building for you. Some online shed suppliers offer complete installation with all sheds as standard, in addition to free delivery to your home. However, if you're more of a "do-it-yourself" individual you can look to save money by simply understanding how to build a shed, using the funds you've saved to buy a larger or higher quality shed.

The following article is designed to give you an insight into how to build a shed with the steps involved in the assembly and installation. Whether you've decided to browse cheap sheds for sale available at your local hardware store, or if you've splashed out on a top of range construction, a correct and proper installation can ensure that your shed will serve you faithfully many years to come.

Before starting building your Garden Shed

You may have seen a neighbour's garden shed sloping off to one side - This is because the installation was not carried out on a solid floor base. All garden sheds require a solid, level foundation underneath to ensure that they remain stable and strong once erected. The most common garden shed installation location is the garden patio, as there's normally no need for further preparation work.

The common alternative is a basic construction of levelled concrete slabs situated at the end of the garden, which can be done for relatively cheaply. If you're working with a larger budget, it may an idea to take advantage of a full concrete screed base complete with concrete paving slabs. This may cost more in the short term, but is almost guaranteed to last over 25 years with proper maintenance.

Once you've decided on your installation location, you'll need to ensure that you leave a space around the edge of your shed. A general rule of thumb is to ensure that you leave a border of at least 100mm around your garden shed. When researching how to build a shed then it is worth considering how you can construct a gentle slope away from the shed to help with the drainage of rain water.

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What material is your garden shed made from?

Once you've completed your solid foundation, you can now move onto your shed installation. The building of a shed will be different depending on the type of materials that your shed is made from. The following list highlights some of the common materials used with garden sheds:

Wooden/Timber Garden Sheds: Common amongst most cheap sheds for sale, timber sheds must not be situated directly on a concrete base. The timber shed will need to be raised through the usage of legs or "bearers" so that the shed is standing off the floor. Timber sheds require air circulation throughout the entire construction, including underneath the shed and around the load bearing struts of the base. Without this raised platform, damp would penetrate the construction of the shed causing the wood to rot beyond repair. Consult your supplier on the correct height of bearer or strut required for your new garden shed as this will vary depending on your shed size.

Metal Garden Sheds: Unlike wooden cheap sheds for sale which are available from most hardware retailers, metal sheds require less preparation. This doesn't mean that you can just measure up and buy the first shed you find! Metal garden sheds require proper anchoring to your foundation in order to give them solid stability. If you have a solid level concrete base for the shed to be installed on, you may not need any further flooring preparation before installation. However, if need to build your shed in an uneven location, you can look to create an artificial level floor using a pre-treated timber frame.

The majority of metal sheds available on the market are delivered as a flat packed construction, designed to be assembled on site by the buyer. Due to the nature of the assembly, metal sheds are relatively easy to construct and can easily be handled by the majority of novice "do-it-yourself" buyers. You shouldn't need to enlist the help of a professional, but of course don't expect to pay over the odds should you need to do so.

Plastic Garden Sheds: Designed as a simple solution for storing a few garden tools or perhaps a pair of bicycles, plastic sheds are widely available from many high street retailers for fairly reasonable prices. Plastic sheds are great solutions if you're looking at cheap sheds for sale, offering additional storage for any household. These sheds are incredibly easy to install, and can be erected pretty much anywhere.

What other things do I need to consider about how to build a shed?

Once you've decided where your shed is going to be built, there are a few other things that you'll need to consider before you start building a shed;

Walkway - In order to keep your shed in a clean condition, you may want to consider laying a dedicated path running up to your garden shed door. After a few days of rain, gardens can quickly become muddy affairs. Having a solid path made from concrete slabs or laid concrete will help minimise bringing unwanted mud into your new shed.

External Power Supply: Just in case you hadn't considered it, you may need to consider installing lighting inside your shed to help make your shed organisation a little easier. Fitting a dedicated power supply may require the assistance of a qualified installation - This will ensure that all external wiring is weather-proof.

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